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Peer Mentoring - Woodward FMP VI

Woodward Freshmen Mentoring Program (FMP), 

or a Friendly Meeting Place 

Part VI

Application Form 

What is the purpose of the program?  
The purpose of the FMP is to provide freshman students with a connection at WHS to other members of the student body and ease the transition from junior high to high school throughout their first year. 

What makes the program work?  
To make the program work, we need an awesome group of junior and senior student-mentors who want to help freshmen feel at home at WHS.

How does the program work?  
Each group will meet once a week during lunch in a designated classroom or area.  During this time, the junior and senior mentors will lead the students in an activity, play a game, or discuss upcoming events that would be new to freshman such as homecoming, class yells, academic concerns, etc.  You will be provided the daily topics.

How are the student mentors selected and what is their purpose?  
The student mentors will be selected by an application process which includes leadership skills, academics, etc.  Their purpose is to offer support, answer questions, discuss school, and encourage participation in school events.  Mentors are the ones who develop the group as a safe environment and will be responsible for bringing activities for the group.

What is a successful Mentor?  
A student who is enthusiastic and always prepared!!

Make a difference in a life!

The selection process consists of the following:

Part I - Personal Information
  • Academic standing of “B/3.0” average or better.  We will be checking your grades with the counselors. 
  • Completed student profile.
  • Letter of recommendation from a WHS teacher verifying your character and work ethic is required!!  (Please ask the teacher to e-mail the recommendation directly to Mrs. Hurst or Mrs. Love.)      

Part II – Faculty advisors will make final selection along with an administrator.

Mandatory attendance at FMP and good behavior are part of the responsibility of a good mentor.

Due date:  April 25, 2013

Return to:  Mrs. Hurst Room 201 or Mrs. Love Room 107

Freshman Mentor Program
Student Advisor Profile

Name: _________________________________
Address: ________________________________
City/Zip: ________________________________
Home Phone: _____________________________
Next year’s grade level:  ________________________

Teacher letter of recommendation is required to verify that applicant is a good role model for other students and does not have disciplinary issues.  Please ask the teacher to e-mail the recommendation to either Mrs. Hurst or Mrs. Love.  You cannot be considered without this recommendation.

Applicants:  Please complete in detail the following sections.  (If you have questions, see Mrs. Hurst room 201 or Mrs. Love room 107.)  These need to be answered fully!!

Leadership: (What activities have you participated in that demonstrate this quality?)

Interests and Hobbies:

Community Activities:  (List any activities that you are involved in outside of school.)


Please verify by signature that you will attend all training sessions, usually held during lunch time, and attend group meetings called by Mrs. Hurst and Mrs. Love and prepare activities using online materials.


Student signature                                                                                Date 

Once again thanks to Mrs. Tacy Hurst for sharing these documents with us. December 11, 2013

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