Friday, June 6, 2014

Peer Mentoring - Woodward FMP III

Woodward High School Freshmen 

Mentoring Program (FMP), 

or a Friendly Meeting Place

Part III

Although we have not published everything that we received, we think Woodward's peer mentor outline and expectations are exemplary.

"Freshmen Mentoring"

To provide every 9th grade student with a personal mentor and advocate to help him/her personalize the educational experience.


     1.  Assist freshmen in the adjustment to high school

           * Question and answer sessions

           * Getting to know you activities

           * High School transition activities

     2.  Develop the mentor/freshman relationship so freshmen see mentors as an additional resource

     3.   Develop a connection to the traditions of WHS

     4.   Assist students in improving/maintaining grades

           *Study skills

     5.  Ensure a successful high school experience for all freshmen students

"Expectations for Boomer Mentors"

1.     Lead Freshmen Mentor Activities.

2.     Develop a strong rapport with Freshmen in your mentor group.

3.     Demonstrate a strong sense of pride, tradition, and school spirit.

4.     Attend all Freshmen Mentor training sessions.

5.     Listen to announcements for special meetings.

6.     Attendance is mandatory for all Freshmen Mentor Wednesday sessions. Remember you are the leader in charge!!

7.     You must follow the schedule and all competitions are mandatory.

8.     Maintain a positive attitude about Woodward High and the mentoring program.

9.    Check with your mentor teacher for handouts and updates. Contact your mentor teacher if you have questions.

10.  Facilitating teachers - Mrs. Love, Rm. 107;  Mrs. Hurst, Rm. 201

Suggestions for Advisory

*    Mentors MUST take a leadership role/ownership of the advisory group.

*   Sessions should be a fun and enjoyable experience.

*   You may provide small treats and candy, etc.

*   Avoid a lecture method of presenting information.

Again thanks to Mrs. Hurst for sharing, Dec. 2013.

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