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Mentor-Mentee Activities, High School, II

Excerpts from My Mentor & Me, The High School Years, published in 2001, by Dr. Susan Weinberger, also known as "Dr. Mentor," and our additional comments

Mentors guide or assist their mentees in these activities.

Take an career interest/aptitude test online. ['Both mentor an mentee!]

Search for jobs online and discuss requirements, education, etc.

Consider part-time, summer jobs, or internships in a career field.

Discuss social media and the pitfalls of posts or photos, which will damage a person's career or hurt others.

Apply for a job, but first learn about the job for which the mentee is applying.

  • Ask the mentee what he or she uniquely can contribute to the company.
  • Ask why this job is so appealing.
  • Practice interview skills.
  • Practice handshakes, eye contact, and introductions.
  • Discuss first impressions.
  • Consider the dress code.
  • Find the name of the contact person.
  • Ask about salary and/or benefits.
  • After an interview, write a thank you note. 

Find or create job shadowing opportunities.

Keep in touch by email or texting. [Dependent upon the mentoring program.]

Get involved with community service, e.g., volunteering at a food bank, soup kitchen, tutoring or mentoring a younger child, calling bingo at a nursing home, etc. Look around the community. Mentor and mentee can volunteer together.

Study financial literacy. Many free resources are online, and some banks and credit unions have educational sections for different age groups. Better Money Habits is an excellent guide.

Discuss and prepare for the high school prom. Brainstorm a list.
  • Costs and budget
              -  Prom ticket(s)
              -  Transportation
              -  Corsage and/or boutonniere 
              -  Clothing
              -  Photographs
              -  Food
              -  Other
  • How to pay for the expense
  • Whom to invite
  • How to ask that special person
  • How to react if he or she says "no"
  • Alternatives such as a group of singles going together
  • If not old enough to drive, discuss who will be the prom chauffeur.
[Over thirty years ago, a group of high school friends without dates went together. The group of seven boys and girls carefully chose their coordinated clothing, rented a limo, dined at a nice restaurant, listened to a jazz event afterwards, and had a wonderful time. They set a standard that going without a date was cool. Be creative!]

Discuss and prepare for senior trips, baccalaureate,graduation parties, graduation rehearsal, and/or high school graduation. Brainstorm the list. 
  • Check credits for graduating.
  • Discuss dates, times and places for each event.
  • Learn clothing and/or jewelry restrictions for graduation.
  • Explore costs and revenue, and create a budget.
               -  Ordering cap, gown and tassel
               -  New clothing
               -  Yearbook (Order earlier in the year.)
               -  Invitations, cards, etc. *
  • Learn whom and how many to invite (Space may be limited.)
  • Ask the future of the mentoring relationship--stopping or continuing.
  • Make a list of what the mentee will do after graduation.
  • Write personal thank you notes for all everyone who has helped the mentee during high school and perhaps earlier, e.g., special teachers, coaches, family,etc.
Prepare for summer.
  • Pursue that summer job or volunteer opportunity.
  • Research no- or low-cost summer programs in which the mentee can participate. 
  • Examine sports, music and other camps that may have scholarship funds available.
  • Discuss any permitted contact during the summer. [Dependent upon mentoring program]
  • Swap photos and business cards.
  • Determine when mentor and mentee will see each other again if the mentee is not a senior.
  • Give the mentee a journal and ask him or her to write in it over the summer.
*  For ideas, not necessarily purchase
  • (design your own and mail order)
  • Create one's own with school or home software and print at home or at a printing business after comparing prices.

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