Saturday, June 7, 2014

Peer Mentoring - Woodward FMP IV

                              Woodward High School Freshmen 

Mentoring Program (FMP), 

or a Friendly Meeting Place

Part IV

Although we have not published everything that we received, we think Woodward's "What If?" is also exemplary. Devise your own questions and answers.

What if??  
  1. My locker is jammed?
    1. Go to the attendance office. Refer to map for location.

  1. I start feeling sick during the day?
    1. Always check out through the attendance office.

  1. I arrive late or need to leave early due to an illness?
    1. Check in or out through the attendance office. A parent must sign you out.

  1.   I will miss a day of school because my parents are going out of town?
    1. Get pre-arranged absence sheet at attendance office and have teachers fill it out.

  1. I lost my ID card?
    1. Go to the counseling office. See Mrs. Hodges, the secretary. Cost, $5.

  1. I need to speak to a principal?
    1. Go to the attendance office and ask to see Mr. King.

  1. I get a note to go the attendance office and see Mrs. Goodman?
    1. Go to the attendance office. She is the secretary.

  1. I need to see Mrs. Reavis?
    1. Go to the front office. She is the secretary.

  1. I am absent from school?
    1. Have your parent or guardian call the school to excuse you.

  1. I am being bullied?
    1. See the freshman counselor in the office by the cafeteria.

  1. I need to buy a student activity pass?
    1. Go to the office on the west side of the commons area. Cost, $20.
    2. Pep club member.  Cost, $5 to pep club sponsors.

  1. I can’t afford to pay for lunch?
    1. See Mrs. Reavis in front office for a free or reduced lunch form.

  1. I think one of my books has been stolen?
    1. Report it to teacher and remember you can put a lock on your locker. Be sure to give the combination to Mrs. Goodman in attendance office.

  1. If lose something?
    1. Go to the attendance office and see Mrs. Goodman.

  1. I am sick and need my assignments so I can work at home?
    1. Have your parent call the attendance office, and Mrs. Goodman will collect assignments for your parent to pick up shortly after school.

  1. I am sick?
    1. Tell your teacher, then go to restroom. 'Unexcused absence if you don’t tell teacher.

  1. I think another student is using my locker?
    1. Report it to Mr. King.

  1. I had my cell phone taken away by a teacher?
    1. The phone will be given to Mr. King, and he will return it and or file discipline as needed.

  1. I need to call home for an emergency?
    a. Go to attendance office or front office and use the phone there.

Thanks to Mrs. Hurst and Mrs. Love for their creativity!

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