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Sample Five-Year Goals & Evaluator

Again reviewing the steps from Winning Futures' strategy...

Winning Futures' Five Steps to Success 

  • Vision A form of daydreaming: your own mental picture of how you see yourself or what you want...

  • Goal Something specific to strive toward. List the benefits...and sacrifices of the goal.

  • Plan A detailed list of the action steps you must take to achieve your goal. List the obstacles...

  • Commitment Helps you stick to your goals...

  • Success Each person individually defines his or her own success...

Sample Five-Year Goals
  • Be hired by the city of Sterling Heights as a police officer.

  • After my junior year, have a summer internship at Ford in the finance division.

  • Be hired by GM to work as a chemical engineer at the truck plant in Pontiac.

  • After working at the local nail salon, be hired by Nordstrom's Spa.

  • Become Microsoft Certified in Systems Engineering (MCSE) and work at Metro Credit Union as their network specialist.

  • Finish certification program at a local community college and become a master mechanic at Hamilton Chevrolet.

  • Be a real estate agent at Century 21 with 10 homes listed at all times.

  • Change my job from a small doctor's office to the Beaumont Urgent Care Center in Royal Oak.

  • Student teach at my elementary school and pursue a career in my school district.

To have the career you want, you have to work hard. The job market is extremely competitive, and you have to be ready for anything. Make sure that your five-year goal is very specific with detailed steps that lead to your career. Make connections with professionals in your field to help guide you along the way!

Example Five-Year Goal Evaluator

1. My career VISION is live a comfortable lifestyle, enjoy going to work, and somehow work around cars.

2. My specific career GOAL is graduate from Walsh College with a bachelor's degree in finance and work at Chase Bank.

Benefits stable company. long-term career, make good money
Sacrifices paying even more for school, traveling farther to school, may have to move away

3. The obstacles I may come across are having no experience in finance, it is difficult to get into Chase, tough classes

The specific PLAN I will take:
  • Step One Once at Walsh, I will utilize their tutoring services, make appointments with my professors for help, and get a part-time job as a receptionist at an accounting company. Complete by the end of my first semester.

  • Step Two After my first year at Walsh, work with the career center to interview for a summer internship at Chase. Have my finance professors and employer write letters of recommendation, update my resume, and practice interviewing. Complete during my second semester at Walsh.

  • Step Three During my next year at Walsh, schedule classes so I may continue working as an intern, complete all of my credits for graduation, and continue to get help from my professors. Complete during my third semester at Walsh.

  • Step Four Interview for a permanent job at Chase, and apply for other jobs through the career center. Accept the best job and start after graduation. Complete in five years.

4. I make a personal COMMITMENT to achieve each step so that I can accomplish my goal!

5. I will reach my SUCCESS by five years from today  

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