Thursday, May 15, 2014

Father-Daughter (Mother-Son) Dance

In a Collaborative Mentoring Webinar, which discussed parental involvement in mentoring, one of the presenters mentioned this TEDTalk as a way to connect young girls with their incarcerated dads.

Of course, a father-daughter dance can be hosted by any mentoring group for any mentees.

Always think outside the box!    

Perhaps two dances--dads and daughters in the fall, moms and sons in the spring?


Way to connect themselves with their dads

Venue for second dance - county jail (16 inmates, 18 girls)

Catered meal, decorations, dress up

Opportunity to interact - touch their daughters, serve their plates, pull out chairs, etc.

Flip cams to interview each other and keep the connection alive

 Girl's question to her dad: "...when you look at me, what do you see?"

"Our daddies are our mirrors..."

Dads from the first successful dance, which became an annual affair


Video filmed November 2012 at TEDxWomen 2012, Ret. 5-15-14

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