Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bike for Pie

After the Washington State Mentoring Conference in June 2013, I noticed this sign in a shop window on Bainbridge Island. 'A creative spin on bike riding, which is a popular sport and networking opportunity in Washington State.

Picturesque Bainbridge Island, reached via a 35-minute scenic ferry ride from Seattle, features a 53-mile shoreline, a variety of vegetation and wildlife in its 150-acre Bloedel Reserve, and only about 23,000 residents intent on preserving the island's charm and landscape.

The idea of pie stops plus scenery and socializing is delicious!

Note the evoluntion of the Bike for Pie event over the past few years.

2010 Highlights

  • Begins at 9 a.m. on Sunday "downtown"
  • Pre-registration required
  • Entry fee to support bicycle advocacy on Bainbridge Island
  • Registration at two bicycle shops or online
  • Challenge Ride, $15 (28-mile loop on hilly Bainbridge and two pie stops
  • Family Ride, $5 (gentle 12-mile ride, six miles each way) and one pie stop
  • Bike for Pie brought over 2,000 bike riders to the island.     Ret. 4-23-14

2013 Highlights - More rides and more charities  

Bike Bainbridge in any of four popular annual rides around the Island, which all benefit charities:

  • The Chilly Hilly (February)
  • Paws & Pints Ride (August 4, 2013)
  • Bike for Pie (August 18, 2013)
  • Kiwanis Summer Challenge Ride (August 25, 2013)

Bike for Pie’s four great elements: Bicycling, Bainbridge Island scenery, summer weather, pies!

Two routes available
  • Challenging 32-mile ride and a rest stop with savory pies hosted by Friends of the Farm
    "Chilly Hilly Arrival by Ferry,"
  • Family-friendly 12-mile ride

Both route options include a mouth-watering selection of fruit pies served at Fort Ward.

2014 Plan Highlights
  • Sunday, August 10th
  • New location at Waterfront Park
  • Family Ride -8 miles
            -     New route

            -     New pricing:  

                  $18 for adults

                  $5 for children 14 and under,   

                  includes pie at the end       
  • Challenge Route - 32 miles 
-          Savory pie stop
-          Sweet pie stop
-     Pricing: 
       Adults, $28
       Children 14 and under, $10
  • Ride and then hang out at the park to eat pie and listen to music
  • Opportunities to volunteer   Ret. 4-23-14  

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