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Sample Three-Year Goals & Evaluator

Goal setting is a learned skill. 

Winning Futures' Five Steps to Success 

  • Vision A form of daydreaming: your own mental picture of how you see yourself or what you want...

  • Goal Something specific to strive toward. List the benefits...and sacrifices of the goal.

  • Plan A detailed list of the action steps you must take to achieve your goal. List the obstacles...

  • Commitment Helps you stick to your goals...

  • Success Each person individually defines his or her own success...
Sample Three -Year Goals
  • Attend local community college to earn an associate's degree in law enforcement.

  • Transfer from local community college to Walsh College to earn a bachelor's degree in finance.

  • Get accepted in to engineering school at U or M.

  • Graduate from Bella's Beauty School with a certificate in nails.

  • Earn A+ Certification at New Horizons, along with Microsoft Certified Professional to work as a help-desk worker in the computer industry.

  • After becoming certified in high school, work full-time at Hamilton Chevrolet as an auto mechanic.

  • Get my real estate and appraisal license by attending Real Estate One Academy.

  • Graduate from Baker College with an associate of applied science degree to be a medical assistant.

  • Get my heating/cooling certifications at Northwestern Tech.

Your three-year goal is a stepping-stone used to reach your five-year goal. When setting your three-year goal, think about where you are today, and where you want to be in five years with your career. Remember, schooling, training, and experience will help you get the job you want. Consider your need to work part-time or full-time, along with how you will fit your training/schooling into your schedule.
Example Three-Year Goal Evaluator

1. My educational VISION is be the first person in my family to earn a bachelor's degree and have  a secure job in finance.

2. My specific educational GOAL is transfer from Macomb Community College (MCC) to Walsh College and earn a bachelor's degree in finance.

Benefits - secure future, more money with degree, will benefit my resume
Sacrifices - financial drain, time from work, cut into social time

3. The obstacles I may come across are no financial support, work conflicts with classes, getting credits to transfer.

The specific PLAN I will take

  • Step One Reasearch funding sources for shcool (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.) Apply by each deadline. Complete by September 1st next year.

  • Step Two When enrolling at MCC, work with a counselor to schedule all of my classes to transfer to Walsh. Schedule my classes earlier to coordinate it with my work schedule. Complete by July 1st of next year.

  • Step Three Check to see what the minimum GPA requirements are at Walsh and maintain that GPA by attending classes, doing required work, and studying in advance for tests. Complete by December 21st next year.

  • Step Four Apply to Walsh, take required entrance exam, and complete financial aid form for Walsh. Complete by December 1st in two years.

4. I make a personal COMMITMENT to achieve each step so that I can accomplish my goal!

5. I will reach my SUCCESS by three years from today.  

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