Monday, April 21, 2014

Music Autobiography

Cindy Scarberry
Mentors adapt and borrow constantly! 

We appreciate Cindy Scarberry's sharing her clever activity with mentors. She uses these slides to help students think about what song they choose to share and why. 

The last slide, entitled "Music Autobiography Criteria" is the first one for Scarberry's assignment. Mentors may refer to it as needed, and teachers will appreciate its inclusion.

The fill-in-the-blank slide is a journal entry she uses to help students think about what they might say during their explanation. Using her format for sharing was not required, but it gave them somewhere to start if they were stumped. 



Suggested Rubric for Sharing

Scarberry's First (or Assignment) Slide

Contributed by Cindy Scarberry
World Music Teacher at Norman High School
Executive Director of the Oklahoma Rodeo Opry
2014 Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence Circle of Excellence Recipient

Idea suggested by OFE's Brenda Wheelock

Received 4-12-14

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