Saturday, April 12, 2014

Researching Jobs & Careers, Bureau of Labor Statistics

To make a living, one must have an occupation and training/education that will potentially support a family. 

Updating skills and changing jobs--even careers--are parts of reality and the future.  

Research before choosing, and take career aptitude tests.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics's Occupational Outlook Handbook is priceless. Note viewers can click on an occupation to see the profile.

Actually, the entire BLS site is useful.  Explore! Talk with your mentee.

Part of document, January 8, 2014

Part of document, published January 8, 2014

Part of document, published January 7, 2014

Ret. 4-4-14 for a presentation at the Oklahoma Department of Student Assistance's TRiO Strong Conference, April 10, 2014, in Oklahoma City.

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