Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mentoring Activities, Middle School - High School

Excerpts from A Year’s Worth of Mentoring

We have adapted a few and omitted those that cannot be done at school.

Remember that mentoring is done with your mentee, not to your mentee. Let him or her participate and have input. 'Reciprocity!

      1.    Set your mentoring goals together    
      2.    Tackle some homework             
      8.    Shoot some hoops

      9.    Go to the library together

    10.    Just hang out

    11.    Figure out how to program [something]

    12.    Learn about [each other's favorite] music

    13.    Talk about life

    15.    Talk about your first job

    16.    Talk about planning a career

    17.    Plan a career

    22.    Talk about college [or postsecondary options]

    24.    Sit in on some [free online classes]

    25.    Work on applications together

    26.    Explore financial aid options

     27.    Work on a resume

    28.    Talk about dressing for success

    29.    Do a pretend job interview

    30.    Talk about how to look for a job

    31.    Talk about how to find a job

    32.    Find a summer job

    33.    Set up a work internship

    34.    Talk about networking

    35.    Talk about what it takes to get ahead

    36.    Talk about health insurance

    37.    Talk about taxes

    38.    Talk about balancing work and life

    39.    Talk about balancing a checkbook

    40.    Talk about balancing a budget

    41.    Talk about living within one’s means

    42.    Talk about credit cards

    44.    Plan a week’s [or month's] worth of [expenses on a budget]

    47.    Write “thank you” notes

    49.    [Research] a friend’s religious holiday [not the mentee's own]

    50.    Talk about relationships

    51.    Talk about personal values

    52.    Talk about the future

Baylor University's Community Mentoring for Adolescent Development Trainer's Manual, 1998. Revised, MENTOR, 2004.

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