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Job Shadowing Program, Loyola, et al.

Updated 6-13-16

We like the presentation and questions in Manchester Metropolitan University's guide. You may be asked by a supervisor, advisor, or the job shadow host to write about what you learned. Be prepared and intentional.Don't forget to write a thank you note after. 


Another similar resource is from the London School of Economics and Politics, University of London.


Inspired by the presentation of Vicki Williams, AT&T mentor, at the Mayor's Mentoring Breakfast in Tulsa recently, we are launching a series of blogs on job shadowing for middle school, high school, post-secondary institutions and workforce ready. 

Foremost below are the benefits to students and to employers and the guidelines for employers.

Loyola University of Maryland, Baltimore, has information below, including videos, tips and video transcripts of videos on topics such as phone etiquette, the interview, top 10 interview mistakes, online video interview, behavioral interview, avoiding Google answers, asking questions and interviewing the interviewer in addition to proper interview clothing. Although geared toward post-secondary, this is practical information.

What is Job Shadowing?

Job shadowing is an experience where students may spend a few hours, a half day, or even a full day with an employer. Each shadowing experience varies and will depend on the site, but students could engage in/observe client meetings or computer and research projects, tour the facility, and interact with other departments within the organization.

By job shadowing, students have the opportunity to:
  • make connections by building networks with alumni and employers in the industries that interest them,
  • gain experience by observing a specific occupation on location at the employer site, and
  • confirm their major by validating their interest in a specific industry and/or occupation.
To prepare for an upcoming job shadowing or informational interview:

If interested, contact The Career Center.

Through participating in job shadowing, employers have the opportunity to:
  • Establish recruiting relationships with universities,
  • Increase student interest in their organization and industry, and
  • Mentor students who are exploring their major and career interests.
View the employer guidelines for job shadowing. If you are interested in hosting a student or group of students, please contact The Career Center.

Loyola University of Maryland, Baltimore

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