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Corporate Campus Mentoring Program, BSW I

With or without the help of a Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, this is a highly adaptable model for communities of various sizes. BSW began with elementary but now extends through twelfth grade.

An Innovative Mentoring Program

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Presenters: Judy Spangler, Chief Programs Officer, BBBSSEPA
Ted Qualli, VP, External Affairs & Marketing, BBBSSEPA      
The Innovation: KIDS  TO  MENTORS

How BSW Started                  
  •        Pratt Elementary School with high need in a low resource area  
  •     CIGNA corporation agreed to the innovative solution

How BSW Works
  •        Littles (mentees) leave school during their lunch hour
  •        Meet with their Bigs (mentors) at the corporation
  •        One hour every week or every other week

Two Crucial Components
  •        Strong Partnership with Corporation                                      
  •        Strong Partnership with School

Create & Support the Corporate Partnership
  •          Functional responsibilities – Create an MOU
  •          Corporate liaison
  •          Logistics of program
    •  Set day/time of program
    • Discuss meeting space availability
    • Balance of planned events vs. one-to-one unstructured time

Volunteer Engagement
  •          Information Session for Employees
    • Work with liaison to determine best way to recruit
    • Process and logistics of session
  •          Intake Process
    • Application Process
    • Interviews on-site
  •      Volunteer Orientation

Create and Support School Partnership
  •          School with students who need mentors
  •          Infrastructure to support program
  •          Selection process
    • Research demographics and needs of children
    • Research distance

Introductory Meeting
  •          Meet with principal and/or vice principal
    • Determine school liaison(s)
    • Discuss liaison responsibilities
    • Determine structure of program
    • Discuss district/school permissions/requirements
  •       Confirm date/time of program (including school calendar)
    • Schedule meeting with school liaison
    • Recruitment of Littles (mentees)
    • In-school interviews
    • Reinforce program details and expectations
    • Training for Littles (mentees)
    • Discuss on-going match support processes [This can be done by the mentoring liaisons if not part of a BBBS organization.]
Photos from the BSW Presentation

First Match Meeting Day
  •          Logistics
    • Bigs’ (mentors’) meeting
    • Arrival of Littles (mentees)
    • T-shirts and name tags
  •          Puzzle pieces
  •          Required paperwork

Best Practice: Check-in conference calls

Best Practice: Cousin matches

The BSW Program’s Impact: It’s Helped Us
  •          Serve kids in harder to reach areas
  •          Provide exposure to workplace environment
  •          Increase corporate volunteerism
  •          Identify dedicated funding

Impact on Children
Children mentored by Beyond School Walls Bigs (Mentors):
  •          Improved their focus at school
  •          Improved their grades
  •          Believed that their Bigs (mentors) were important to them
  •          Experienced a positive change in attitudes or perceptions
  •          Enjoyed the program
“I used to want to be a teacher. Now I want to be a president of a company.”                     
Beyond School Walls Little

Impact on Employees
  •         96% agree that the program has positively impacted them
  •         90% enjoyed interacting with their Littles (mentees)
  •         83% are more likely to work for a firm that has a reputation for volunteering in the community
  •          85% plan to continue their mentorship beyond the first year
  •          93% would recommend the program to colleagues
Note: In this post, we did omit challenges of the area in order to focus on the program model.

End of Part I of the Beyond School Walls adaptable model

Excerpts from the presentation PowerPoint                                                                      
National Mentoring Summit 2012, Washington, DC DC                                                                         1-25-12

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