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Corporate Campus Mentoring Program, BSW II

This continues content from the PowerPoint presentation with the extraordinary results of BSW.

An Innovative Mentoring Program

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Spotlight on Success

Comcast Corporation & Fairhill Elementary

Fairhill Elementary School

  • 99.4% economically disadvantaged 
  • 51.4% of students are chronically truant--10 or more unexcused absences
  • 49% of adults 18-24 have no high school degree
  • Ranks a 10 on OJJDP's Community Disadvantage Index--indicating this census tract is among the most disadvantaged in the country
Photos from BSW presentation

Program started during the 2008-09 school year                   
  • 29 matches in year one
  • 45 in each year since [January 2012] 
  • All levels of the organization from entry-level to CFO

The Impact

  • 51% of Fairhill students are "chronically truant"
  • Every single student mentored in the Beyond School Walls program reduced their unexcused absences
  • More than 50 incidents reported to the office of school safety, including three              assaults on teachers and 23 assaults on students so far this year
  • 81% of students mentored in Beyond School Walls had zero disciplinary infractions

Additional Benefits

  • Comcast has adopted the school
  • Brother of a Little (mentee) secured an internship
  • Rolled the program out in 10 other markets


  • Started with 1 program in 2005, currently have 21 programs [2012]
  • Serving kids in 2nd through 12th grade
  • Large and small companies
  • Shared programs
    • U.S. Attorneys/FBI/Federal Defenders
    • Business Parks
  • Helping us redefine our impact
    • Education
    • Volunteerism
    • Corporate retention

Presenters: Judy Spangler, Chief Programs Officer, BBBSSEPA
Ted Qualli, VP, External Affairs & Marketing, BBBSSEPA

End of Part II of the Beyond School Walls adaptable model

Excerpts from the presentation PowerPoint                                                                      
National Mentoring Summit 2012, Washington, DC DC                                                                         1-25-12

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