Thursday, March 20, 2014

Form: Mentee's Point of View

This excerpt may be helpful to use but also to share with mentors and discuss in mentor training. 


 1.  When something is bugging me, my mentor listens to me.
 2.  My mentor has lots of good ideas about how to solve a problem.
 3.  My mentor helps me take my mind off things.
 4.  Sometimes my mentor promises that we will do something and then we don’t do it.
5.      My mentor makes fun of me in ways that I don’t like.
6.      I wish my mentor were different.
7.      When I am with my mentor, I feel disappointed.
8.      When I am with my mentor, I feel ignored.
9.      When I am with my mentor, I feel bored.
10.  When I am with my mentor, I feel mad.
 11.  I feel that I can’t trust my mentor with secrets because I am afraid that he or she would tell my parent/guardian.
12.  When my mentor gives me advice, he or she makes me feel stupid.
13.  I wish my mentor asked me more about what I think.
14.  I wish my mentor knew me better.
15.  I wish my mentor spent more time with me.

Four additional columns on the right had headings for evaluation, but the focus in this post is on striving for a quality relationship.

Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree

Courtesy of Jean Rhodes, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of Massachusetts, Boston, cited in “Gauging the Effectiveness of Youth Mentoring,” Research Corner   Ret. 3-11-14

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