Monday, July 1, 2013

Data Graphic from Minnesota

Graphics appealingly show data.  See Minnesota's mentoring report graphic below. 

At the bottom of the blog follow the link to the complete State of Mentoring in Minnesota report, a model for Oklahoma.

State of Mentoring Report

Every other year, the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota measures the collective impact of mentoring on Minnesota youth through a statewide survey known as the "State of Mentoring." With this data from mentoring programs, MPM is able to
  • provide an in-depth assessment of youth mentoring in our state
  • articulate the need for increased support of Minnesota mentoring programs and
  • advocate for pro-mentoring policies at all levels.

The latest survey was conducted in summer 2012, which captured a full year of program data from 2011. A total of 74 programs responded to the survey, sharing information about their organizational and program structure, participants and evaluations.

To view findings from the full "State of Mentoring" report and additional support materials, see below.

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