Wednesday, July 17, 2013

College Planning and Search Tool

On the OSDE website, we found this College Board tool , Big Future, featuring planning, career choices, finding a college, financial aid, college comparisons and many other topics in one place.  Students can choose to begin the step-by-step planning process as early as eighth grade and below, and undocumented students are addressed, too.
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New College Planning Resource for Students

Posted by sde on Mar 23, 2012

Education Week blogger Caralee Adams wrote this week about BigFuture -- a free, new resource on College Board's website aimed at engaging students in the college planning and search process.

BigFuture has information on finding colleges, paying for education and making a college plan, and it tailors an action plan to student's individual interests. Students can search for schools by location, major, sports, diversity and cost. College profile information of nearly 4,000 institutions is collected by College Board in its Annual Survey of Colleges. Adams notes that the price includes tuition and fees but not room and board.

Information on the site is student-friendly, with interactive graphics, videos of other students reporting how they decided on their school, and short "nugget-sized tips."

The content is designed for students as young as eighth grade and can be used throughout a student's high school career, Adams writes.

Students can get much of the information on BigFuture without signing up, but to create a plan or save work, they will need to create an account, Adams reports. Those with College Board accounts can use their existing user names and passwords."

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