Monday, July 8, 2013

Reducing Stress in Children with a Parent Away

In your community, you may have other effective, adaptable ideas.  Share with us.  From Vance AFB via the Enid newspaper...

"One of those involves making sure the children of deployed airmen get a good night’s sleep. The Readiness Emergency Sleeping Tool, or REST, is a pillow case with the deployed airman’s photo on it.'

'It is a good way for them to be able to cuddle with the pillow or to be able to sleep at night and make it a little easier on the kids,' said Snyder. 'Also it relieves the parents, too.'”

Photo from the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing

"A new program in the works is United Through Reading. Through the non-profit organization, deploying airmen are recorded reading books and their families given a copy of the DVD. As the children watch the video, their reaction is recorded and sent back to the deployed service member."

“'That way the kids at home can put the disc in at night and see their mother or father reading to them,'” said Snyder.

March 30, 2013

"Airman & Family Readiness Center works with those deploying to try to limit stress"
By Jeff Mullin, Senior   Ret. 6-21-13

For more reading, here is a May 26, 2009, blog post about pillowcases with digital photos and other ways to support children.  Of interest to spouses of the deployed and the incarcerated is the comment about the challenges of the absent person's return after separation.  Support and counseling should not end abruptly on return to the "new" life.

"Pillowcases with Pictures of Deployed Soldiers Are a Hit with Military Kids"   Ret. 7-2-13

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