Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mentor/Mentee Life Lessons

We don't always earn what we choose. 

Others' needs may temporarily or permanently keep us from our earned choice.

What is merit?  How would not earning your choice make you feel? How could you handle disappointment?  Can you reset a goal?  What is responsibility?  Is self-discipline important? 

What other lessons can mentors and mentees "catch" from the excerpt below?

"ENID, Okla. — During phase two of primary aircraft training at Vance Air Force Base, students fill out what is known as a dream sheet."

"On that sheet, students list whether they want to continue training in the T-38 or the T-1. T-38 pilots are in the fighter/bomber track, while those in T-1s are in the airlift/tanker track."

"'But they don’t necessarily always get their first choice,' said Lt. Col. Andy Hamann, deputy commander of 71st Operations Group at Vance Air Force Base."

"'It’s a merit-based system,' said Hamann of the process known as track select."

"Students are ranked based on their academic tests, daily flight scores, check ride grades and the assessment of their flight commander."

“'That’s based on their officership, their leadership, how well they work together in a class, how well they take instruction,' Hamann said."

"All those factors are fed into a computer, which spits out the class ranking."

[The criteria above only direct airmen into classes, where they must continue to prove themselves.]

"'For each class, Air Education and Training Command headquarters in San Antonio sends out a list of the numbers of fighter, bomber, tanker and transport pilots that will be needed when the class finishes its advanced training, a process that takes about six months,' Hamann said."

"'The higher a student ranks, the more likely it is he or she will be assigned to their track of choice."

"'It depends on the needs of the Air Force,' Hamann said. 'Based on where they are they get their first choice, or not.'"

"...'But just because you are in one track or another doesn’t mean you will be assigned to a fighter or a tanker,' said Hamann."

Excerpts from
February 23, 2013
"Students fill out dream sheet for phase 2 pilot training’s track select"
By Jeff Mullin, Senior Writer, Enid News and Eagle
http://enidnews.com/localnews/x564661038/Students-fill-out-dream-sheet-for-phase-2-pilot-training-s-track-select   Ret. 6-21-13

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