Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why Call for Oklahoma Mentoring Data?

Why are we soon making a request for Oklahoma mentoring data from our networked mentoring programs? 

How can your organization's reporting help Oklahoma or your organization? 

See the recent four-page release from Minnesota.

"Executive Summary,"  State of Mentoring in Minnesota

"It is widely accepted by numerous research studies that youth can benefit significantly by having a mentor in their lives. Mentors provide youth with the confidence, resources, continuity, and support they need to achieve their potential.  Mentoring programs in Minnesota are serving 196,592 youth by matching 40,665 volunteer mentors."

The summary shows what mentoring looks like in Minnesota through such data as impact, cost of programs, ages served (There is a sharp increase of 17% in the number of high school youth being mentored,), gender of mentors and mentees, number of youths waiting to be mentored, locations, gaps, and other useful information.

A quote cited for the importance of the data gathering by the mentoring partnership:

"Statistics about mentoring in Minnesota have been very useful for grant writing purposes."

See the full summary below.

Thanks to Volunteers for Youth's Melynda Stone for sending us the link. 

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