Monday, June 24, 2013

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At a recent Oklahoma Afterschool Network (OKAN) meeting at techJOYnT in Oklahoma City, attendees enjoyed some of the recent and on-order additions to the robotics there.  Summer interns, Ray's children, who inspired the foundation, and others demonstrated various robots and modules.  The techJOYnT concept consists of hands-on learning of applied math and science, critical thinking and teamwork mixed with fun. 
Today's post is intended for information, not advertising. Postsecondary institutions and some secondary ones in Oklahoma have funding for similar technology and more, but not every Oklahoma child or teacher has access.  Ray Shaik, the founder and CEO, is developing additional curriculum for some robotics kits, which can be rented to schools.  Different robotics teach applied algebra, physics, geometry, trigonometry or more in addition to programming.

Learning, or in some cases, "recreating" with robotics could also be a shared activity for grown-ups, a parent and child, or a mentor and mentee. 

  • Mini-power plant program with a module containing little houses and a photo-sensor to determine solar input and conventional energy input
  • Hydrogen car module with software
  • Sphero - Spherical robots of various colors, lighted when active, could be directed to defend a target or given another mission and controlled by cell phones or tablet
  • AR.Drone - Quadcopter, the hovering “drone," equipped with four horizontal propellers, a camera and controlled by a cell phone or tablet
  • Armbot, a bobotic arm attached to a board with angles indicated.  Students applied programming to "instruct" the components of the arm to move into angles.
  • Robotic basketball launcher (on loan)
  • A video of the humanoid robot on order (Aldebaran NAO Robot below)

1. Aldebaran NAO Robot and curriculum -

2. RobotsLAB BOX - A complete educational kit for classroom robotics

Video explaining the kit

More videos on the RobotsLAB BOX

3. National Instruments myDAQ and Minisystems   "Engineering Concepts Come to Life with NI miniSystems(iphone)"

[Unrelated but interesting beginning research:  Using NAO, the humanoid robot, to work with autistic children]

techJOYnT Education Foundation
Photos from  Ret. 6-20-13

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