Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Video Appeal

You may have to turn up the volume, but you will get the point.

Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village is a corporate-led/community-based model.  Hospital employees cannot set one designated time per week to mentor so this model allows them to come and go at their schedules.  In addition, the corporate mentoring director Kathy Lowder recruits university students, church members, retirees, and other community members to provide mentoring during the school day.  [Photo at right:  Stanley Hupfeld with students.  By the way, even as Chairman of the INTEGRIS Family of Foundations, he still mentors as he did when he was president and CEO.]

Video link and all mentor photos from the Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village Charter School

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Kathy Lowder
Community Wellness and Diversity Specialist
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