Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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Whether or not you are interested in sports or the Olympics, Olympic athletes often have amazing stories, which can be shared learning moments.  Research and discuss with mentees.

Allyson Felix, Olympic gold or bust”
Tweet from her mother whenever she is going somewhere:  “Remember who you are.”

“Three Olympians to watch for”  
Michael Phelps, swimming in his third Olympics
John Orozco, Puerto-Rican American gymnast, 19-years-old from a poor but hardworking family
Maher Abu Rmeileh, Palestinian, Judoka judo competitor, sells head scarves in the market.
From guest commentators on the same show:
Sarah Robles, female weight lifter, just received one sponsor, not the “type” to endorse products; persevered even without external money; her signature quote: "Beauty is strength."
Oscar Pistorius, amputee sprinter who fought so hard to compete at the Olympics
Brady Ellison, recurve archer
Rock Center “Gymnast Gabby Douglas on Olympics:’I’m going to do this thing’”
Sixteen-years old, dubbed the “Flying Squirrel,” almost abandoned her dream 


“Somalia athletes dream of Olympic gold:
Mogadishu runners Mohamed and Samsam train on dusty, dangerous streets with bullet-riddled buildings along the way.  Samsam’s home is not even what we would call a tent—superb example of discipline, dream, overcoming obstacles! 

“Somalia’s athletes brave war to train for the Olympics”
Islamists killed the head of the Somalian Olympic team.  Read this article for much more. (video)

Natalie Coughlin: ‘I’m older and much, much wiser’”
Eleven-time medalist, now 29 competing against much younger women

Team USA website:  http://www.teamusa.org/Athletes.aspx

All retrieved 7-24-12

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