Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Children's Activities - Olympics

Sometimes an idea spurs us on to more creativity, but at other times directions are essential.  Almost any activity can be scaled up or down for age-appropriateness or numbers of youths.

Note: I could not load this video from the NBC site or the Toy Portfolio site; however, the ideas of using maps to research (online) Olympians’ countries, books (often free at libraries), history of the Olympic games, fractions, and other educational topics don’t need a video.  Below is a link to ToyPortfolio—not to endorse sales—to show more ideas we can adapt.

“Keep Kids Active This Summer with Olympic Fun”
Olympics Activities for Kids - Fractions, Reading, Geography

"London 2012 Olympics:  How to Engage Your Kids"  
Geography and books, magazines, internet, aps, etc.

“Young readers get in Olympic spirit” (Al Roker’s youth book club)
Mystery set in Olympics venue; heroine is the Olympian in the book Rush for the Gold

Activity Village’s "Hold Your Own Olympic Games"
Activity Village is a useful website for parents, (mentors), and teachers all year.  This link includes mascots, indoor and outdoor activities, and Olympic food—all with a suggested time table.  ‘User-friendly indeed! 

In addition, Activity Village features a MATH activity section by grade level.  Youths and parents will love this.  Website buttons run the gamut from jokes, videos, crafts, seasons, printables, puzzles, and education to much more.

Parenting.com not only has activities but also feel-good articles and interviews with Olympians and/or family, e.g., the first pregnant Olympian from Malaysia, interview with Debbie Phelps, advice from Olympian parents, and others.  http://www.parenting.com/find/olympics

One general summer activity list includes 191 fun summer activities.

ehow mom has many pages about Olympic activities, and some of the ideas are found via the resources and references at the bottom of each article.  A few examples:

"Summer Olympics Games for Kids"
Throwing, Running, Getting to the Finish Line, Water Sports

"Olympic Kids Games and Activities"
Balloon Between the Knee Race, Birdie Feather Race, Discus Throw, Egg-A-Thon Race/Relay, Hammer Throw, Javelin Throw, Olympic Ring Hoop Loop, 100-Inch Dash, Shot-Put for Distance, Snowball Ring Toss

"Olympic Activities for Kids"
Egg and Spoon Relay Race, Discus Throw Competition, Suitcase Relay Race, and Water Balloon Toss

"Kids Olympics Indoor Activities"
Includes making a ceremonial torch and Olympic medals

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