Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fundraising - Meals

Updated 4-16-15 

Many people are resourceful during hard economic times, or sometimes one person simply has a creative idea regardless of the economy.  The two models here can easily be scaled up or down for any community.  Most valuable is that they become community-wide—or even spread into other communities—for multiple causes.  Both are from NBC Nightly News’ “Making a Difference” series.  [Another benefit is that neither project takes state or federal money.]  

“Something as simple as a fish fry can go a long way”
The Gilford Knights of Columbus—and now the entire community of Gilford, Connecticut—support community nonprofits through a fish fry.  What began as a fundraiser for the church has become a community institution for organizations that help others.  People of all ages participate and enjoy each other every week.
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032619/#46850141  Ret. 5-13-12



Skip to the next fundraiser if you are not interested in this article about the event’s creator Jim Mancini and his original vision. The photo is of Jim Mancini from the link below.

Jim Mancini, Guilford 

Ret. 7-10-12

Dining for Women  “Using potluck dinners to transform lives”     

Finding the MSNBC news link may be impossible unless it is cached; however, the program, network, and hand up for women has multiplied extensively since the original post in 2012. 'Impressive! 

Dining for Women potluck dinner fundraising, earning about $700, began eight years ago; now the dinner with friends has 8,000 members in 38 states.  Each member makes a donation for what she would spend eating at a restaurant.  The average donation nationwide is about $38, which becomes about $42,000. Every month the earned money is sent to a new charity.  Diners not only share food and conversation, but they learn about a grassroots nonprofit organization somewhere in the world.  Money has been spent on helping women and girls in Guatemala, Nepal, Kenya, Afghanistan, etc.  These “potlucks with a purpose” are really girls’ nights out making a difference.  About 500,000 women have benefited at the date of this video report.  The photo above is from the Dining for Women website listed at the end of today's blog.

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