Friday, October 3, 2014

STEM: Million Women Mentors, etc.

From Kansas Mentors' website:

"Help organize a group of STEM volunteers to fulfill a need/gap in your community using this toolkit." 

For men and women...

CNCS's Becoming a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math 
(STEM) Mentor Toolkit:

This document has step-by-step information including some how-to's. Read the entire document, but see below for highlights.

Step One: Identify Local Partners

Step Two: Build a Team - with a guide to build a team

Step Three: Set Goals - with a goal-setting guide

Step Four: SERVE YOUR COMMUNITY! - with a tip sheet

Step Five: Report and Celebrate Successes

From Million Women Mentors, vision, goals, fact sheet, events, and ...

an action guide!

Thank you, Kansas Mentors!

Ret. 10-2-14

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