Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Grads of Life Website

In our previous post, re-posted from The Huffington Post blog by David Shapiro, MENTOR's CEO, Grads of Life was mentioned. Below are the website link and some screen shots as teasers to learn more. Mentoring is a win-win for business and the community.

See the "Success Stories" section to learn how businesses have built the workforce pipeline through mentoring, internships, and school-to-work programs.


See the actual mentoring guide at 


Mentoring Definitions and Benefits
Mentoring is a development strategy for a young person's successful path to adulthood. It's all about developing a structured, trusting relationship between a professional (mentor) and an aspiring professional (mentee).

Mentoring focuses on providing support and guidance around workplace skills and career exploration, as well as general encouragement on life challenges through meetings, activities and information communications.

Although this guide focuses on building a stand-along mentoring initiative, best practices from other employment pathways on this website (school-to-work, internships, hiring) all include a mentoring component.

Ways to take small and big steps
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Group mentoring
  • Team mentoring
  • E-mentoring (conduct as an add-on to any of those listed)
The Business Benefits of Mentoring 
Mentoring can be a good step towards an internship or hiring initiative, since it can develop similar workforce and professional skills. Key benefits include:
  • Cost-effective Talent Development

         Cultivates a talent pipeline through meaningful employee volunteerism
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement
         Strengthen employee satisfaction and morale
  • Stronger Community Impact
         Boost visibility with your community, your customers, future leaders and potential 


Success Stories


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