Thursday, October 16, 2014

Coaches' Mentoring Challenge, OPSU's Recognition

We cannot write this as well as Justine Gaskamp, Oklahoma Panhandle State University's Sports Information Director, did; therefore, we borrowed it. Note the recognition and background of the local mentoring programs highlighted during half-time. 

OPSU Head Football Coach Russell Gaskamp supports local mentoring groups through the Coaches' Mentoring Challenge.—Sarah Henderson photo (9/20/2014)

Coach Gaskamp Supports Area Mentoring

By Justine Gaskamp on 10/14/2014

Goodwell, Okla.—As a part of the Coaches' Mentoring Challenge, OPSU Head Football Coach Russell Gaskamp recognized local mentoring groups during halftime of the Sept. 20 Aggie home football game against Oklahoma Baptist University.

The Coaches' Mentoring Challenge is a collaborative effort by leading athletic coaches to connect more caring adults and young people through quality mentoring relationships. Along with the help of the Boren Mentoring Initiative, a program of the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence, coaches across the country are helping to promote the campaign and recruit more mentors.
As a show of support several local mentoring groups were present and recognized at halftime following a public service announcement by Gaskamp. In attendance were the Main Street Transformers group, Cassie's Kids, and the Texas County Family YMCA.

The Main Street Transformers were founded by Manny Barias and are directed by Melyn Johnson of Main Street Guymon. Focusing on high school students, the Transformers' mentors strive to help young adults learn about themselves and their community as well as help prepare them for their futures.

Cassie's Kids is a mentoring group founded by Cassi Joe Schriefer and is also a Main Street Guymon program. Designed for junior high-aged girls, their mission is to help young girls realize their- self-worth. The mentors meet at least twice a month, engage in group activities and offer help with school work.

The Texas County Family YMCA offers numerous programs for children of all ages. The YMCA believes in nurturing the potential of every child through organized activities and after-school-programs. Cassidy Livengood is the interim CEO of the Texas County Family YMCA in Guymon.
Gaskamp is proud to offer support to these groups stating, "It is a great project to be a part of and a true honor to be able to impact the community through football and coaching. When you give back to the community you get so much more in return and our football team really came together and had fun working with these groups."

For more information on the Coaches' Mentoring Initiative contact Beverly Woodrome, Director of the Boren Mentoring Initiative at 405-236-0006. For those interested in mentoring local youth, please contact the groups listed above.

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