Friday, October 31, 2014

Cow Patty Bingo I

Nonprofits are always exploring new and perfecting old fundraisers.

We love what may be Oklahoma's first Cow Patty Bingo, executed by El Reno's Students Striving for Success at the county fair. From its inception, this mentoring program board has beaten its own path in creativity, fun, and results.

Photos below are from El Reno's event, and links are to the cow/chicken/goat/dog or whatever poop fundraisers elsewhere. 

Dana Gibson, chairman of Students Striving for Success, said, "Curtis Blanc and I [are] selling chances, and the goats getting ready to poop!  We alternated using cows and goats.  Goats are much quicker!!"

The judges, definitely a fun group!
Wrangling the poopers!
Getting ready to poop!

This fundraiser might require extraordinary patience!

Links (or Google "cow patty bingo,")

  • (also Cock-a-Doodle Poo)
  • Google "cow patty bingo images." 

You get the idea. Just do it!

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