Thursday, September 19, 2013

STEM + Philanthropy

Oklahoma has many school-based and after-school STEM initiatives.  For example, Cedric Currin-Moore, the STEM Coordinator for the Oklahoma Afterschool Network (OKAN), can design STEM curricula for any age group for after-school programs--for free!  Other resources include math and science teachers, STEM-oriented college students and adults who work in STEM careers.  Philanthropy, which is giving not only money but also knowledge and sweat equity, abounds in all forms and in all levels of society.
Why not marry STEM and philanthropy in our own backyards? 
The teachers and their students described below developed something sustainable to improve health, the economy and self-reliance.  The teachers received a Fund for Teachers grant to initiate this plan in Africa and then inspired and taught their students to fundraise for, create and build the project.  How inspiring and totally amazing!
Without a grant for travel overseas or outside Oklahoma, any small, medium or Oklahoma large community can band together here in Oklahoma to:
  • identify a need (hand up, not hand out)
  • incorporate the research and execution of a project into the school/after-school curriculum
  • involve as much of the community as possible
  • execute the plan

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