Monday, September 16, 2013

Being Different, Clumsiness

Childhood can be painful if a youth is not comfortable in his or her own body.  We usually grow out of many things we perceive as different or become comfortable with them.  For example, the Dove commercials and an increasing number of popular plus-sized models (size 12+) are helping women appreciate their own beauty in many shapes and sizes. Comparing ourselves with others is never productive. 

Although practice can "make" perfect, not everyone is wired the same.  Awkwardness or clumsiness may or may not be outgrown.  Do you know someone awkward or clumsy?  Note Savannah Guthrie's discovery. 

Savannah is a not only the co-host of the Today Show, but she is an accomplished journalist and lawyer.  Clumsy or not, she has achieved. 

Are Some People (like Savannah) Naturally Clumsy? 

TODAY   July 25, 2013

Clumsy is not all in your head, science says, and researchers are studying why it happens to certain people. Notoriously accident-prone Savannah Guthrie heads to the University of Delaware to get some answers about whether she was born to be uncoordinated.     Ret. 9-12-13

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