Monday, September 30, 2013

Catoosa High School's Students as Mentors (SAM)

At the recent 2013 Access 360 Conference, we met Curtis Brown, Catoosa High School's geography teacher and basketball coach.  He sponsors his school's peer mentoring program, a model for other schools.

Brown describes the program:
Catoosa High School's STUDENTS AS MENTORS program is focused on peer mentoring.  A student, usually a successful junior or senior, is chosen by each teacher to represent their advisory class called Advocacy.  Those 45 students receive training in monthly meetings on how to mentor younger students. The main focus of the mentoring group is freshmen students from their Advocacy class. Each mentor has approximately three mentees to assist. Additional responsibilities of mentors are college readiness and school spirit projects.
Curtis Brown, Catoosa High School
About 150-200 students, some of which are sophomores, are being served. 

More about Advocacy:

Advocacy is an advisory system, where 15-16 students meet once a week in a teacher's classroom. Each teacher has the same group every year, and we replace seniors with freshmen when they graduate. The Advocacy groups are selected randomly with three to four students from each grade totaling 15-16 in a class (9th-12th). We meet in Advocacy on Wednesdays from 11:00-11:25. For example, on October 9, 2013, we have an activity about drug abuse.  Last week, we made homecoming banners. The mentor students are assigned to mentor the three to four freshmen their Advocacy class that meets on Wednesdays for 25 minutes. For example, most of our mentors took the ACT last week, so yesterday I told the mentors in our meeting to explain to the underclassmen what the ACT experience is like. The actual mentoring is occurring in Advocacy and in other instances around campus, such as athletics and school activities. Email 10-9-13

'Praise to Catoosa High School, Curtis Brown and the Students as Mentor!

The group photo was provided by Volunteers for Youth's Executive Director, Melynda Stone, who facilitated training for SAM.

Brown's photo:


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