Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Positive Psychology Center Resources

Although researchers at the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Center intended these tools to be incorporated into high school psychology classes, the resources can be adapted as a series of brief activities for mentor training, groups of mentors and mentees, individually for mentor and mentee conversations, or periodic mentee training. 

The "positive" possibilities are endless. Even for mentoring staff, ourselves, or our families, these must be read, pondered and applied.

Even if you hate anything associated with the term research, read on. Within many sections are links to activities.  

'Why positive psychology? 
Many at-risk youths experience learned helplessness, lack of resilience, hopelessness, low self-esteem, and other impediments toward more productive, happier lives. Providing new ways to think and envision the future is what mentors do. 

In case the screen shot print is too small, the resource links discuss:

  • General Overview of Positive Psychology

  • Subjective Well-Being & Satisfaction

  • Flow

  • Happiness

  • Optimism

  • Hope

  • The Good Life

Also, Amy Fineburg created an adaptable teaching unit, but read the above resources first forward. Some of the activities embedded above. Adapt, adapt, adapt!

Positive Psychology: A Seven-Day Unit Plan for High School Psychology
By: Amy C. Fineburg
Homewood High School

Birmingham, Alabama 

Ret. 3-17-15

Let us know how you would use the information.

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