Friday, March 13, 2015

Early Childhood Resource Guide, Reading

This user-friendly, effective, short reading guide can be shared in any community or with mentees. Meghan Bradley, one of our Boren Mentoring Initiative Mentors at the University of Oklahoma, created it for her Gold Award in Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma. 

Many mentees have younger siblings. Share the tool and teach them how to use it. Mentors can role play as the pre-school sibling and mentees can practice being the loving big brother or sister. Follow-up occasionally to monitor how the reading and interaction is progressing.

Being bi- or multi-lingual is a powerful job skill throughout life and that the earlier a language is taught the more effective learning it is. Meghan's guide could be translated to other languages and adapted culturally, e.g., the Spanish and a family's Hispanic culture or African languages and cultures. Engage parents and/or older children to help with the translation and cultural aspects. The entire family should profit from using two guides. 

Important phone numbers for parents will be different for each community.

Meghan Bradley with her mentor
training packet, 2015

Published with Meghan Elizabeth Bradley's permission


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