Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thank Your Mentor and a Best Mentoring Practice

At our monthly Mentor Feedback Luncheon each December, we give our mentors a “party favor”.  This year’s was a sock snowman hand-made for each of our mentors by our staff during our staff Christmas brunch.  

Attached to each snowman was a tag that read, “Snowbody’s a Mentor Like You”.  

The snowmen are simple to make and each one is unique just like our PAL mentors.  Simply take a white sock (women’s crew work well) and snip off the toe portion plus about ½ inch or so.  Then knot the open end you just created and turn the sock inside out.  Fill about 2/3 of the sock with rice and wind a rubber band around to create the belly of the snowman.  Continue filling the sock with rice and put a rubber band around the top to close and form the head.  Place the snipped off toe portion onto the head to cover the rubber band and hot glue it in place.  Tie a strip of bright cloth around the neck as a scarf and make a nose, eyes and chest buttons out of pompoms or buttons hot glued in place (or get more creative). 

Melynda Stone
Executive Director
Volunteers for Youth

'Notice the best practice of a monthly mentor feedback/support event? 

Thank you, Mendy!

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