Monday, February 10, 2014

Teen Trendsetters ™ Reading Mentors

T eaching  a child to read is one thing; getting  a child to

love reading sometimes takes a little more time and care.

Southmoore High School, Moore, OK

Southmoore High School, Cleveland County, is paired with Brentwood Elementary School for the Teen TrendsettersTM Reading Mentors Program, program of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. The teens are mentoring 48 first, second and third grade students in 2013-14.

Teen TrendsettersTM Reading Mentors is a hands-on, award-winning mentor program, a recipient of the prestigious Harris Wofford Award for "best youth program" in the nation.

It offers first, second and third graders an opportunity to take part in a program that will help boost their reading skills, reading scores and confidence in learning.

Meanwhile, teens are the true champions of this volunteer program, spending one-on- one time each week with their young mentee to learn and bond over books.

We pair a child who is at least six months behind their peers in reading - with a local high school teen, who has been trained as a reading mentor.

Once a week, the two meet for a fun mentoring session at the elementary school or local community center. Each program has the oversight of an adult advisor, but the teens and their reading partners do the work, have the fun and reap the rewards.

Together, the elementary child and the teen mentor work with a series of educational and entertaining books and workbooks to improve reading skills.

Schools receive all materials that are needed, including the books and curriculum, which were developed in partnership with Scholastic, Inc.

Every elementary student who participates receives more than 14 books over the school year to add to their home library, promoting the joy of reading among families.

Teen Trendsetters programs take part in annual community service projects. Our mentors and mentees are giving back and making a difference in big ways by taking on and tackling important local issues. From feeding the hungry to collecting books for local charities to creating care packages for U.S. soldiers, these projects are just another reason why communities love Teen Trendsetters™ .

The program, first launched in Florida in 2002, has proven so successful it has garnered state funding for the past 12 years and has served as the model for Teen Trendsetters™ programs in states throughout the U.S.

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