Friday, February 14, 2014

Thank and/or Recruit Mentors, Borrowed Ideas

These ideas, borrowed from an online feature are Valentine ideas for school; however, most can easily be adapted for thanking or recruiting mentors.

Ideas by Kim Vij at The Educators’ Spin On It                 Ret. 2-12-14

Below are a few examples, which can be adapted by clever mentoring program staff. 

Remember the author of this blog is more corny than creative! You do, however, grasp the concept.

From commerical Blow Pops to homemade, wrapped cake or other pop treats, a tag can be added.


"Mentors pop above the rest."

Feb 05 2013by Kori


"Orange You Glad We Are Friends (or Mentor & Mentee)?"

"Happy Thank Your Mentor Day"

You could even use a full roll of LIFESAVERS. 


"Friendship is a LIFESAVER. Thank you for being my mentor."

"Mentoring can be a LIFESAVER."

"My Mentor is a LIFESAVER. S/He buoys me up."


"I'm BLOWN away by you! Thank you for mentoring me."

 "Happy Thank Your Mentor Day."  Ret. 1-7-14

Recruiting perhaps:

"I 'mustache" you a question: Will YOU be my MENTOR?'"

Print special wrappers for various commercial candies.

Spell MENTOR. Add a note of thanks.

Buy or make and package cookies with a clever tag.

"You Are One Sweet Mentor"

"You are one Hot Tamale! Thanks for being my mentor."

Google names of commercial candies or snacks and think of quotes.

"Mentor [or name], You're over the moon."

Send your own examples or suggestions.

Updated 3-25-15    

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