Monday, January 28, 2013

Melynda Stone Presents...National Mentoring Summit 2013

Approximately 75 National Mentoring Summit guests attended my presentation of a session entitled “The 3Rs…Recruitment, Retention and the Rewards.”  Designed for mentoring program staff, the session covered successful recruitment strategies, support/recognition for mentors and the resulting improvement in mentoring relationship quality.  Even though it was the last session of a very long first day (4 - 5:15 pm), the room was packed with people who crowded in on extra chairs, sat on the floor, and even stood.  It was a highly energetic session with many opportunities for audience participation, and I rewarded helpful commentary and ideas with "Mentos" candy.   I also provided numerous handouts and "show & tell" items to further enhance the points made and the sharing of helpful ideas and tools.

Nineteen people approached me after the session and left their contact information asking me to follow up with them by sending my PowerPoint presentation or something else that I mentioned.  Their requests and the several others who complimented the session later that evennig and the next day helped me to feel that I had made a connection and presented information that was perceived as very practical and useful to a variety of programs and program personnel.  It was an honor and a privilege to be selected as a National Mentoring Summit presenter and an experience I will never forget.

Melynda Stone
Executive Director
Volunteers for Youth
...because they're worth it!

Note in the photo on the right, Melynda cleverly used tools to reinforce the national "Mentoring Works" 2013 theme.

We are proud of all of Melynda’s accomplishments, creativity, leadership and contributions to Rogers County's and Oklahoma's mentoring communities…and now the national one, too. 


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