Friday, January 4, 2013

Choosing a Mentor of the Year

The objective of the Boren Mentoring Initiative's first Oklahoma Mentor Day at the State Capitol on January 16, 2013 is to recognize one Mentor of the Year for each Oklahoma mentoring organization in our network.  Organizations submit their Mentor of the Year honorees to us.

Although each organization may have its own standards, how to choose an organization's Mentor of the Year requires serious thought.

Criteria developed by the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence, ca. 2008:
1)  Impact mentor has had on mentee;
2)  Impact mentor has had on mentoring program;
3)  Length of mentor/mentee match;
4)  Creative examples of activities with mentee.

1)  Describe why this mentor is special to his/her mentee.
2)  Describe the impact this mentor has had on his/her mentee.  Has the mentee changed, and if so, how?
3)  Describe the impact this mentor has had on your mentoring program.
4)  Share one or more examples of activities this mentor has done with his/her mentee.
5)  Please share any other information about this mentor that you feel describes why he or she should receive your organization's Mentor of the Year honor.

Let us know what your criteria are!

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