Wednesday, January 2, 2013

iCivics Activities

Retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, United States Supreme Court, visited Oklahoma in April 2012.  After that visit, we first mentioned iCivics when the Honorable Noma D. Gurich, Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court, brought it to our attention.  Once again brought to us by Justice Gurich, here is addition to all of the imaginative ways to learn civics.

Jury Service Game

Can jury service be fun? In We the Jury, it is for students learning about their civic responsibilities. In this latest game from iCivics, students decide a tough case and discover what jurors do once they leave the jury box and head to the deliberation room.

Jury service is one of the fundamental responsibilities of citizenship--We the Jury lets students have fun while learning all about how important and engaging serving on a jury is. They can choose from two different civil case options; as the clock ticks down, they analyze evidence, weigh testimony, and pick the right arguments to persuade fellow jurors to come to a fair and impartial verdict.

And of course, iCivics offers more than just the game. Players can earn Impact Points, and teachers will find supporting materials including alignment to state and Common Core standards, a classroom game guide, and related lesson plans.

We the Jury is iCivics' 17th game and was made possible with the generous support of the Foundation of the American Board of Trial Advocates and the American College of Trial Lawyers. Head to the deliberation room and check out We the Jury today:
Tab below copied from the iCivics website:
"Responsibility Launcher"  Have you ever wanted to knock some civic sense into someone? 

Updating this post on 8-5-14, we noted many new items. Mentors and mentees should enjoy this site together.

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