Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Career Exploration Site, Breitlinks

Mr. Breitsprecher's "Career Exploration," has a vast compilation of easy-to-use resources. Some of his material may have expired links or be under revision, but exploring his topical site is worthwhile. Although Mr. Breitsprecher himself is a prolific educational and informational author, he has collected links from expert sources and institutions.

The host website is extensive, although we began with "Career Activities." On the right is the menu for,
the exploration section, but on the website are math tips, business education, entrepreneurism, business etiquette, and much more.

"Business Simulations," one of the interactive pages, provides links to a wide variety of career games to be played online. 

One more example of the scope of information is the assessment document. 

Breitsprecher also has slides on

Host website for everything

Ret. 5-31-16

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