Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Advice to Young Women & Men I
More often than we wish, mentors report their mentees' parents are separating or divorcing. Once we as program directors know, we offer suggestions about how to handle this topic. 

In discussing the increase in marriage crises and the impact upon children and teens, Diana Dunham, a secretary of a Norman elementary school, shared what she has taught her own children. 

First, no relationship is ever easy. Observe how your friend was parented and how he or she treats his or her family. 

Diana's top five discussion items:                       

1. Religion

2. Politics

3. Finances

4. Child-rearing

5. Family (does matter!)

Definitely observe and discuss Diana's top five. Remember that sometimes we "fall in love" or become entangled with someone not really right for us. 

Thanks, Ms. Dunham, for all you do for our mentors and for your "kids."

Personal communication, May 2016

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