Friday, May 13, 2016

El Reno's SSS End-of-Year Mentor-Mentee Event

Many Oklahoma mentoring programs have an end-of-year mentor appreciation event as brunch, lunch, or dinner. From the program's launch in 2013, however, El Reno School Foundation's Students Striving for Success has closed its year with a fun mentor-mentee activity.

Suzanne Thompson, catalyst for Students Striving for Success, a trustee of the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence, and a Students Striving for Success mentor, reported upon the event.

Richard Steanson and Gerardo Troncosco,
Students Striving for Success board
members and mentors, line up the mentees.

"The El Reno Bowl was the party setting for the end of school fun day for El Reno's Students Striving for Success mentors and mentees. Pizza, bowling and hanging out with friends have become an annual event for this group which includes ninety-six students and as many adults.  

This mentoring program has helped our children feel connected to their community and given them encouragement to be active participants in its success."

Curtis Jones, 2015 Mentor of the Year for Students Striving
for Success, and Kenneth, his mentee

How precious are these lovely mentees? Absolutely priceless!

Celebrations always include food.

El Reno Superintendent
Craig McVay & Lathon, his mentee
Mark Gibson & Seth

Mark Gibson & Nick
Dana Gibson,SSS chairman
& mentor,  with Sam

Dana Gibson & Caitlyn

About the 2014 event

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