Saturday, February 21, 2015

CLASS MATTERS, STEM Outreach for Minorities

We applaud Darron Lamkin and friends for developing this program to provide "science, technology, mathematics (STEM) exposure to socially and economically disadvantaged youth in Oklahoma City."

Can young minority scholars and professionals in your community adapt this concept? 

From the website

About Class Matters

The primary concerns of Class Matters are our mission, our youth, and fulfilling our vision. Class Matters vision is to “Empower Our Future, One Teen at a Time.” Class Matters is dedicated to the academic encouragement, professional, and cultural development of our conference attendees, as well as the development of ethically sensitive and responsible persons. Class Matters aims to develop and refine socially disadvantaged youth’s professional and social skills to endeavor in the promotion of the socially disadvantaged students majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related fields. It also seeks to achieve these goals through sound academic and professional programming and through regulations and policies governing conduct that motivates and encourages independence, maturity and respect for the rights and viewpoints of others.


“To open doors of opportunity for today's youth through educational programs and professional development that will impact the community.”


Vision: “Empower our future, one teen at a time.”


Principles of Organization
Positive Energy – We will always nurture a positive, enthusiastic atmosphere, which will foster mutual trust and respect among all stakeholders. Futher, we will always operate with open agendas, positive interactions, and genuine motives.
Honesty and Truthfulness – We will always be honest and truthful in all relationships, respecting and relying on each others.
Integrity of the individual - passion for performance and a bias for action, creating real value for all stakeholders and leading the pace.
Innovation – seeking break through opportunity, taking risks, and initiating meaningful change
Focus on people – showing concern and respect for all with whom we work, building collaborative relationships with the community, our customers, and business associates.
Golden Rule – We will always do unto others as we would have them do unto us
These young minority scholars are giving back through Class Matters. 

Darron Lamkin - Chairperson

Kelan Berry - Vice Chairperson   

Desmond Harvey - Programs Chairperson

Wayne Jones, Ph.D. - Advisor

Ret. 2-20-15

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