Thursday, August 14, 2014

Recruiting during Welcome Week at a College

Mendy Stone, executive director of Volunteers for Youth, Rogers County, shares one effective and fun strategy.

We just spent from 10 am to 2 pm today on the campus at Rogers State University (RSU) in Claremore. This is Welcome Week, and one of their activities is to host “Big Tent Day.” 

Cindy Vanaman, PAL. Stone is holding the red cup. 
In the blue shirt is PAL Mentor of the Year 2014, Gus Ramirez.
Two big tents provided table space for all kinds of on-campus clubs, local businesses, and volunteer opportunities. 

We have a good number of great prospects. We attracted them to the table with fresh popcorn, and our conversation started with 

“May we tell you about the volunteer opportunities at our organization?”

At least four of the senses are covered here!

All sidewalks lead to V4Y and popcorn!

Melynda Stone
Executive Director
Volunteers for Youth

Shared 8-13-14

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  1. Just now seeing this!! That's how far behind I am!! lol Great idea--booth looks super--love the sidewalk chalk! :) Just wanted to give you "props!"
    Hope your doing well. Busy here at Leedey. Mentoring, teaching my class, watching my son's baseball, coaching pee wee bb--ugh and yea! lol
    ---signed Kris Gore