Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dancing with the Stars Results

Photo by Darlene Passmore-Armstrong

Such amazing publicity...especially when a mentoring organization's team wins! Also, a fun fundraising idea for seven local organizations. At the bottom, don't miss the photos appropriated from the Volunteers for Youth Facebook page. Does this give you any ideas?

Davis, Ramirez among winners of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ competition
Posted: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 8:45 am                                              

Celina Davis and Agustin “Gus” Ramirez were declared the “Best Darned Dancers in Rogers County” Saturday evening at the second annual “Dancing with the Stars of Rogers County,” presented by the Claremore Reveille Rotary Club at the Robson PAC. 

Co-sponsor of the evening was RCB Bank. 

Davis and Ramirez danced the Latin Mambo to the song “Mambo #5” while portraying Lucy and Desi Arnaz from the hit 1950s television show, “I Love Lucy.” 

Saturday’s event included seven teams of dancers representing seven local organizations. 

At the close of each performance, the ratings of three illustrious judges were combined to determine overall scores for each team. Davis and Ramirez represented Volunteers for Youth. 
Audience members cast their vote for the “People’s Choice Award” by giving money to their favorite dancers’ organization. 
The duo’s organization received the most votes, totaling more than $700. 
The amount deposited among all of the participating organizations totaled more than $3,000. 
Judges for the evening included Claremore City Manager Jim Thomas, RSU Public TV IT Specialist Dan Kara and his wife, Rogers County Salvation Army Board of Directors member Debbie Kara. 
In addition to earning the “People’s Choice Award,” Davis and Ramirez received a nearly perfect score of 29 from the judges. 
“Dancing with the Stars of Rogers County” is a celebration of helping others through the efforts of individuals and organizations represented said Rev. Sam Nichols, president of the Claremore Reveille Rotary Club. 
“Two years ago, Dr. Richard Mosier served as president of the Claremore Reveille Rotary Club, and during that time, he was looking for ways to involve our club more in the life of our community, promoting the activities of the non-profit organizations in Rogers County,” said Nichols. “He is responsible for organizing and launching the first ‘Dancing with the Stars’ last year. We appreciate the work that (Mosier) has put forth, as well as, our event chair Steve Gragert and the community in making this celebration a success.” 
Judges’ awards were presented to the 14 individual dancers of the evening, and included the “Bring Down the House” award, presented to Angie Graves, the “Broadway” award presented to Celina Davis, the “Crowd-Pleaser” presented to Tom Cameron, the “Dazzler” award presented to Chris Heath, the “Dizzy Dance” award presented to Chelsey Helt, the “Hair-Raising” award presented to Jim Anderson, the “Hollywood” award to Renetta Harrison, the “Humor” award to Kessiah Neff, the “Best Smile” award to Cearra Curtis, the “A Star is Born” award presented to Shawna Hendricks, the “Survivor” award presented to Mark Curtis, the “Twinkle Toes” award to Germaine Watkins, the “Wow!” award presented to Gus Ramirez and the “Most Energetic” award presented to Tyson Harris.    Ret. 8-28-14

'Mouthwatering teaser...yum!
Evening gown to be auctioned

Celina & Gus
aka Lucy & Ricky
The Winners!

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