Saturday, July 5, 2014

Minnesota School Mentoring Program

Minnesota's Northfield Public Schools has a school-based, school-led mentoring program for grades 1-12. 

Note that it receives the quality label of "100% Best Practices" from the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota's quality standards assessment. 

From the webpage - 

Connected Kids Mentoring
Community Services_ConnectedKids 2Connected Kids is a grant-funded initiative of Northfield Public Schools in partnership with the Northfield Mentoring Coalition. The school-based mentoring initiative pairs adult volunteers one-on-one with students. Mentoring helps youth to develop strengths and talents by supporting the efforts of other significant adults such as parents and teachers. Research has shown that the more caring adults a child has in his or her life, the less likely it is that the child will engage in risky behaviors.

Connected Kids basics …

Who: Youth in grades 1-12 and adults who care about young people

 A one-on-one mentoring relationship, providing friendship, encouragement and academic support.

 Year round, during or after school, for 1 to 2 hours per week plus e-mentoring

 At our elementary schools, St. Dominic or Northfield Middle School

 Mentoring is one of the most effective ways to help young people achieve their potential and discover their strengths.

Community Services_Mentoring Expert Seal

Connected Kids has earned the designation of “Expert Partner” by the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota for meeting the highest standards for a quality mentoring program.

Connected Kids benefits …


  • Time with a caring adult
  • Better academic performance and test scores
  • Better attendance
  • Stronger attachment to school
  • Better self esteem and interpersonal relations


  • Extra support for children
  • Safe environment for children
  • Improved relationship with school staff


  • Learn from mentees
  • Reap rewards through helping a young person succeed
  • Honor people who mentored them
  • Help make the world a better place


  • Better test results
  • Improved student behavior
  • Community engagement in education

The Community

  • Kids are more connected to the community    Ret. 7-3-14

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