Thursday, July 31, 2014

Etiquette-Social Skills Guide with Activities

Retired Head Football Coach Tom Osborne and his wife, Nancy, founded TeamMates Mentoring Program in Nebraska in 1991. The program is the principal mentoring program with over 100 chapters in Nebraska and some in California and Iowa.

Here are two of the useful tools--quizzes, role playing and other activities--for social skills. 

Instead of using the photos in one version, assign your mentee(s) the tasks of finding photos to illustrate the types of proper attire. Of course, the photos used could be hysterically funny to young people. We would probably pick and choose from the two.

Contents: Introductions, Manners in Public, Manners Quiz & Answers, What to Wear--Proper Attire (instructions, photos & quiz), Telephone Etiquette, Invitations, Dance Etiquette, Dinner Tips, General Courtesy, Thank You Notes
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Below is the 2013 version with some differences.

Contents: Introductions, Introducing Others, Test Your Manners & Manners Quiz Answers, Telephone Manners, What Not to Wear & I Have Nothing to Wear!, Let's Eat!

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