Thursday, December 5, 2013

Anti-Bullying Pledge, Norman, OK

Yesterday we mentioned Norman's AboveBullying campaign and event, at which Wes Moore spoke. Below is Norman's pledge. Certainly, the scope of the definition is educational for many (Bystanders are guilty, too!), and implementing this concept into organizations, communities and/or schools is necessary.

Photos: Norman AboveBullying FB page

Norman: AboveBullying Pledge

I, ___________, agree to join together to stamp out bullying in my comunity. I believe that everybody should enjoy our community equally, feel safe and secure regardless of color, race, creed, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

Bullying may occur in multiple forms, including verbal or written expressions, gestures, physical acts, electronic expressions or social media. It is behavior toward another person that causes physical or emotional harm, creates fear or a hostile environment and infringes on the rights of others. Bullying can be behaving in a way that physically harms or is physically agggressive towards another. Bullying can be unwanted teasing, threatening or intimidating comments, stalking or cyberstalking. It could be publicly humiliating another person, spreading rumors, falsehoods or ditial images and socially excluding another. Bullying causes pain and stress to people and is never justified or excusable as "just teasing" or any other rationalization. A person should never be the target of bullying.

By signing this pledge, I agree to:

1. Respect others' differences and treat them with respect.

2. Not become involved in bullying incidents or demonstrate bullying value.

3. Be aware of support stystems to help individuals who have been targeted.

4. Report honestly and immediately all incidents of bullying behavior to an authority figure.

5. Support people who have been or are subjected to bullying behavior.

6. Network with others in the community to help them prevent and intervene with bullying effectively.

7. Encourage people to discuss bullying issues at school, in the workplace, or in their neighborhoods.

8. Be a positive role model by acting respectfully.

9. I acknowledge that if I witness someone being bullied and don't report or stop the bullying, I am just as guilty.


A PSA by OU Women's Basketball Coach Sherri Coale, made for AboveBullying

Ret. 12-5-13

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