Thursday, March 28, 2013


Etiquette is literally and figuratively one's ticket into the rest of the world.

From the French word étiquette, meaning "ticket," defines etiquette as "the forms, manners, and ceremonies established by convention as acceptable or required in social relations, in a profession, or in official life" or "the rules for such forms, manners, and ceremonies." 

The link below is a brief, useful tool for mentors and mentees to review as well as all adults in need of a refresher. 

Consider the possibilities of a mentor's introducing and practicing a topic each week with a mentee.  Think of the weekly opportunities to practice handshakes and eye contact as well as introductions.  Imagine the end-of-year banquet or even last school lunch when both mentor and mentee practice everything learned.  Paper plates and plastic utensils work splendidly in any practice setting!  Introduce a mentee to writing brief thank you notes.  Begin with a note to thank a teacher or teachers.

Let us know how you apply or can apply etiquette lessons to your mentoring. 

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Note:  The link above was serendipitously found while researching the website of Carey Sue Vega, an Oklahoma City etiquette expert.  More about Carey and how she may help mentoring will follow in a subsequent blog inspired by Chickasha Public Schools Foundation and its Diamonds in the Rough program.  Thanks, Joyce Black and Debbie Fritter!

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